Throwing a Princess Theme Birthday Party

Published: 22nd July 2008
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Are you throwing a Princess Theme Birthday Party for your child? Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and at least once in her life she needs to wear a crown! Make her day unforgettably special with the following great princess birthday party ideas:

Pink, Yellow, and Purple - These are her heiness's royal colors when planning your princess themed birthday party. Streamers, ribbons, and bows should be rich and full, and decorated with sparkling gems whenever possible. Package after package of plastic or rhinestone jewels are an absolute must for any princess party. They can be purchased in bulk at any craft store, for a relatively cheap price. Not only can you use them to decorate the room, but also to adorn the walls, the table, the games, and even the goodie bags each of your prince or princesses will be taking home - just keep them away from the princess cake! Be sure to dress your princess in a beautiful princess tutu or outfit befitting of her royal status. In addition to physical decorations, you should have some princess-like music playing in the background. Use any modern princess soundtrack, or download some Renaisaance music from the internet for a more traditional royal sound.

Princess Party Invitations - Since princess themed birthday parties are so popular these days, many stores have capitalized on it. A huge array of princess invitations can be found in almost any stationary store, and if you decide to go with a Disney princess theme party your options are even greater. Still, there's something to be said for creating your own invitations. If you decide to go that route, rather than being an extra pre-party chore you can make it something fun and exciting to do with your little girl. The internet is an unlimited source for great princess images. With some construction paper, glue, glitter, and color-printed cutouts, you and your little one can create your own personalized birthday invitations. A simple roll of princess stickers from a stationary store or online auction can be used to decorate and seal the envelopes. If you check your local post office, you may even be able to find matching stamps.

Princess Themed Arts and Crafts - Your choices here are near limitless. Make a quick trip to the craft store for beads and string, and have each party-goer create his or her own royal necklace. Use different colored pearls and jeweled beads for girls, shaped beads and small amulet pendants for boys. Crowns are another excellent choice - buy some plain plastic crowns and tiaras and allow the children to decorate them using a glue stick, glitter, stickers, washable markers, and whatever 'jewels' they want. Once fully adorned, another fantastic idea involves each partygoer creating his or her own treasure box. Beforehand, stock up on some empty baby wipe containers and spray paint them silver or gold. Allow each child to decorate the box the way they decorated the crown, writing their name on the bottom. Finally, each princess should have her own magic wand, and each prince his own sword (if you forsee swords causing problems, boys can be given ribbon sashes instead). Kits are available or you can do it yourself. Decorate these as well, and everyone will go home in their absolute finest royal trappings.

Princess Birthday Games - You can put a princess themed spin on almost any birthday game there is! How about pin the crown on the princess? Using a large poster or printout of a princess's head, cut some tiaras and crowns out of heavy yellow construction paper and place each child's name on them. They play exactly like pin the tail on the donkey, with the winner being the child who places the crown closest to the top of the princess's head. As far as pinatas go, find a castle-shaped or dragon one filled with plastic jeweled rings or candy ring pops. Play 'Princess May I?' - a twist on the old game 'Mother May I?' And if your princess party is absent of princes, you could even provide a nice little tea party, complete with plastic saucers and cups. Finally, if you have the benefit of good weather, a royal treasure hunt is sure to be the biggest hit of the day. Have each prince or princess venture out into the backyard, where they must find one of each of the treasures you've hidden beforehand, and bring them back to their treasure box. Some ideas would be gold pieces (candy coins), dragon eggs (plastic eggs filled with candy), jester's juggling balls (multi-colored super bounce balls), wizard's potion (blowing bubbles), etc... etc... - use your imagination! The child who fills up his treasure chest first is the winner... and while this activity is going on, you have time to set up the royal feast!

Princess Themed Birthday Cake - Most bakeries should have no trouble making your child an amazing princess cake. Still, if you'd like to make your own, there are princess-shaped cake pans available all over the internet. Whether you make a simple sheet cake or build a multi-level castle, decorate the cake with some low-cost princess figurines from a craft or dollar store. Place candles on the tops of each of the castle's towers, and have the children sing happy birthday, saying the word 'princess' before your child's name.

Princess Birthday Party Bags - The dollar store is once again your friend. Any amount of low-cost princess theme birthday party toys and favors can be found at your nearest craft store. For another fun pre-party activity, find some white lunch bags and have your child pre-color them pink or purple and place the cutout of a princess or knight in shining armor on each of them. Fill them with princess figurines, paper dress-up kits, stickers, hair ties, pink and lavender colored M&M's, and whatever extra 'bling' you might have left over from the party. If you're feeling ambitious, bake some princess cookies the night before and include them as well. Finally, one of the best parting ideas would be to design a Royal Certificate of Attendance for each party-goer. Print it out beforehand on some yellowed paper or stock and roll it into a scroll. It should say something to the effect of "Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye! This is to proclaim that (child's name) has attended the Royal birthday party of Princess (your child's name) and has completed all trials and tribulations, effectively naming him/her a Prince/Princess in his/her own right..." - You get the picture. Children view this type of certificate as a fun accomplishment, and will be sure to run straight to their parents with it upon returning home.

With only a minimal amount of work, your child's princess theme birthday party can be something remembered for a long time to come! Use the ideas above as only starting suggestions, and add your own. Theme birthday parties can provide some of the most cherished childhood memories, so make sure you make yours a smash hit!

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