Inducing Acupressure - Online Reflexology Course for a Safer, Shorter Delivery

Published: 09th April 2009
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Since ancient times, reflexology has been applied to help stress, health, and well being in the human body. Recent techniques in pregnancy acupressure have also been proven to reduce labor symptoms, enhance natural contractions, and greatly help in easing childbirth. Inducing acupressure can eliminate prolonged labor and greatly reduce the chances of having a cesarean section during labor.

Meridian acupressure has been used to alleviate the harder symptoms of pregnancy and labor for many years. These reflexology pressure point techniques can be used to aid in everything from pregnancy motion sickness to helping dilate the cervix during the birthing process, helping induce labor and allow the baby to descend downward through the birth canal. The require the simple pressing and stretching of various pathways throughout the hands, feet, and body, and the methods are safe and natural. Stimulating these points along your central nervous system are proven to result in relaxation, increased of energy flow, improved circulation and the elimination of toxins from the body.

For many pregnant women, especially first-time moms, the upcoming act of childbirth can be a source of stress and anxiety. Aside from these already unwanted symptoms, being too tense or wound up during delivery can lead to prolonged labor and increased chances of medical intervention. That's where reflexology for pregnancy comes in: by using these simple meridian acupressure techniques, anyone can help themselves or their partner have an easier, shorter, and best of all safer delivery.

The Maternity Acupressure Guide is an incredible online reflexology course designed specifically for today's pregnant woman. Thousands of mothers using this system have already experienced fantastic results both in and out of the delivery room. By gently stimulating their bodies through pregnancy acupressure treatment, the labor process can begin naturally and safely from within the comfort of your own home. By the time you reach the hospital you will have already begun contractions, and continued use of induction acupressure will ease labor pain and symptoms, as well as greatly shorten delivery time.

When used correctly, prenatal acupressure is proven to induce labor in more than 75% of all women within just a few hours. Within this reflexology guide you'll learn:

* The best ways to prevent the vomiting and nausea associate with the labor process.

* Techniques that you can use to soothe and reduce labor symptoms, and especially labor pain, with induction acupressure.

* How reflexology pressure point methods will induce relaxation and greater dilation of your cervix, resulting in a much faster delivery of your baby.

* Proven methods for eliminating nervousness and calming anxiety during delivery - especially if this is your first time giving birth.

* Meridian acupressure techniques that will strengthen your contractions, providing a shortened labor and a quicker delivery.

* Pregnancy acupressure treatment that can actually be used to turn a posterior baby.

And not only limited to women who are pregnant, inducing acupressure techniques like this can be utilized after childbirth and during day to day living in order to reduce tension and improve general health whenever you need it. Through reflexology pressure point therapy you can change the whole way you approach daily life, with a more relaxed outlook toward activities and your body and brain working with higher levels of fuel and oxygen. Thousands of women have already taken advantage of the techniques learned in this online reflexology course to improve the quality of their pregnancy as well as their lives. Read their stories for yourself, and browse their testimonials.

For more information, check out the Maternity Acupressure Guide, a program with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. And for more great pregnancy and baby resources, be sure to visit Baby Pregnancy Guide.

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